The Benefits of receiving training or therapy sessions with The Southern NH Reiki Center are numerous. Beth Crawford, our primary instructor, is an Usui Tibetan Reiki teacher, and has completed all levels of certification. She is both a Shambhala and Usui Reiki Master, and of course an Insured member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners.

Public Clinic and Share:

Established in 2002, it has been in continuous operation in Southern NH. Provides a place for students, and other Reiki practioners and teachers, from all Reiki Lineages to gather and practice the art of Reiki, through the giving and receiving of the Reiki Energy.


Reduced fee private therapy:

Students are entitled to 1hour sessions for a discounted rate.

Many students need assistance along the way, and don't have the opportunity to participate in the shares, or have a reiki buddy. I provide this opportunity for affordable treatments so that the student can continue to move forward in a consistent, positive fashion, in a way that is right for them.


You will also gain the benefit of Beth's Experience:

  • 8 years of living and being devoted to the Reiki path, and way.
  • Reiki Teacher and professional practitioner with private practice, SNHRC.
  • Self treating with Reiki daily, and receiving treatments regularly.
  • Continues to learn and train with others, striving to be her personal best.
  • Local Master who continues to support students as they make their way on their personal and unique Reiki journey.
  • Allowing students to borrow Reiki books from her lending libray or supplying helpful materials.
  • Reiki
  • Deliberate Creation Teacher and Coach
  • Reiki Teacher for Adult Continuing Education