Beth Johnson-Crawford:
Inspirational Teacher, Motivational Healer

A native of Southern NH, Beth is a well respected local Reiki Master Teacher � dedicated to the goal of bringing Reiki into the �mainstream�. Beth is a proud insured member of HOTA, A memeber of the ICRT Association of Reiki Professionals, an ordained interfaith minister with the Universal Life church, and a student of Self Realization and Paramahansa Yogananda.

She received her Usui/Tibetan Master Teacher instruction from William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training in 2004, and is also a Usui and Shambhala Reiki Master, and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. She began her Reiki Journey in 2000 and is in her 14th consecutive year of daily practice.Beth considers herself a life long student and continually works and trains with other Reiki Masters.

She is also a Young Living Essential Oil Distributer #1300898, which compliments the various energy work she does, as well as using the oils personally and for family.

Beth also teaches, and empowers others through, the Art of Deliberate Creation ~ a process that helps individual tap the hidden potential of their thoughts and feelings.

Thru the years Beth has become increasingly intuitive and her gifts of clairvoyance, Clair Audience, Clair Sentience, Clair Cognizance, and even Clair Augustus are utilized in each individual session. Many times she also connects with the energy of loved ones, guides and angels bringing messages of healing, and loving guidance from those in spirit.

Beth follows Reiki as a spiritual path and considers it a way of life. She receives great joy sharing this life with her husband of 30+ years, children and grandchildren, who also practice Reiki. In fact it was her family that brought Reiki into her life.

In 1997 Beth�s husband was involved in a near fatal construction accident which left him with two crushed heels, back and neck injuries. Her entire family was affected by the difficult recovery process.

Beth was ultimately drawn to learn Reiki as a way to help her husband with the chronic pain he suffered. Reiki not only helped to relieve his pain but it promoted healing and balance within all areas of her family�s lives. As she likes to say about the Reiki Journey: � l was taught Reiki and then Reiki taught me. It is a journey that will continue forever.�

Since that time Beth has treated thousands of family, friends and clients with Reiki for a wide range of conditions and situations. Through her experiences with this energy she has found that there is nothing that cannot be positively affected and enhanced by utilizing Reiki.

She has trained hundreds of Reiki Practitioners and is extremely well know for the benefits, and support, she offers for her students, especially her Master Teachers.

She truly is one to "walk the talk" and practices Reiki daily, as well as other spiritual practices.

She assists all of her students, if they choose, with life long support and helps them to become established as Reiki professionals, or in other ventures that support their spiritual growth, health and happiness.

She works within the local community and has been providing Reiki treatments and educational opportunities for over a decade now. Beth and her students and colleagues have been part of the Coalition for Caring Event for nearly 7years.

One of her favorite annual events hosted by the NH Brain Injury Association, provides a wonderful day of respite for caregivers throughout the state of NH. Each year the event is held in a different NH location and Beth and her Crew travel there to provide Reiki for those interested.

Beth is dedicated to the advancement of Reiki as a Complimentary Alternative Healing modality, to helping others take a greater role in their own healthcare, and discovering, and fulfilling, their highest potential.


Testimonials for Beth

It is a pleasure to pen this recommendation for Beth Crawford, Reiki Master Teacher. I have known Beth for 5 years and during that time I have watched her mature into a FIRST class healer and teacher.

Beth is dedicated to the healing art of Reiki and is committed to helping her clients, students, friends and family achieve optimum health and happiness. She has a non judgmental approach and seeks only to serve others re-member how to heal themselves through the wonderful energy of Reiki

The gifts Beth brings to a class or a healing session are many. Not only is she a fountain of information when it comes to Reiki, she is a wonderful channel for Divine Light and Love. She is extremely intuitive and guidance will often flow to an individual during Beth�s healing work.

In short, Beth is AWESOME.

Helen Cormier

Reiki Master Teacher

I have been seeing Beth for a couple of months now. I came to her just as I went through a major health situation in my life. I was very scared and anxious, not thinking I was going to get back to my old self. Beth has helped me tremendously by teaching me that I am in control of my own destiny. I now say positive affirmations daily, knowing that I am getting stronger each day.

I have seen so much improvement since going to Reiki treatments! One day in particular, I mentioned to Beth that I was having really bad tension and pain in my neck and upper back area. So we focused on this area special. The next day when I woke up I had NO TENSION OR PAIN AT ALL!!! I told my husband and even he couldn't believe it. (since it had been such a problem for me)

Reiki has truly changed my life and in the process I have a wonderful new friend in Beth. I truly do not know what I would have done the past couple of months without her! If you haven't given Reiki a chance, you should. It would be the best gift to yourself!!

Angela Pare



Meet Angela Wilkinson Pare:
Reiki Master Teacher & Deliberate Creation Teacher/Coach

"My mission is to remind you how important it is to take care of YOU and bring yourself back into balance. It is only when you are in balance that you can truly live life the way you wish to and were absolutely MEANT to!" Angela offers a variety of services which can be done in person, or distantly. She is an experienced Reiki Master Teacher, a LOA Coach and Teacher as well as a gifted Intuitive who does Oracle Card Readings. All of her skills combine to create a very personalized healing session. You may contact Angela through her website:




60 MIN. $50.00 - $45.00

90 MIN. $70.00 - $60.00


60 MIN. $50.00 - 90 MIN. $70.00

LAW OF ATTRACTION CLASSES - As Scheduled on Google Calendar


90 MIN - $85.00


30 Min. $45, 60 Min. $65

If client exceeds session time, they will be charged one (1) dollar per minute, not to exceed 30 minutes.



Meet Mary Proulx:
Reiki Master Teacher & Sound Balancing Practitioner

Mary draws from a wide range of training/experiences to give her clients a session in which they can go forward with less stress or with a renewed sense of purpose. "I set the intention that each client can leave with ease and peace of mind after a session with me. Some of my work is quite intensive and people feel a profound sense of shift within themselves afterwards." Mary is a Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Balancing Practitioner in which she uses a special set of tuning forks based on the Solfeggio Scale to help create balance within her clients. One of Mary's special interest is in working with children/families. She draws upon 20 plus years in the education field, working with children as young as 0-3 years up to 8th graders, to discuss basic questions parents have about Spectrum Disorders, the IEP process and parental/children's rights.




60 MIN. $50.00 - $45.00

90 MIN. $70.00 - $60.00



90 MIN - $85.00

REIKI I AND II CLASSES As Scheduled on Google Calendar

EDUCATIONAL CONSULTATION* BASE: $60 hour, $40 per additional hour.