In this world of increasing healthcare costs, knowing that you have - literally at your fingertips - a technique that can minimize stress and illness while improving quality of life is both comforting and empowering.

Reiki is very adaptable and is easily practiced in any environment, home to hospital. It compliments all conventional medical treatments, psychological counseling, massage therapy, chiropractic, as well as other holistic and alternative therapies. There are many Reiki programs now that offer this healing energy to HIV patients, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and so much more.

Many new studies have been done testing and documenting the affects of Reiki by those in the fields of science and medicine. This newly collected data is illuminating the consistent positive benefits of Reiki and other vibrational healing energy therapies.

Quantum physics validates what the ancients sages have always told us regarding the unseen energies that moves in, throughout, and around us. We have not as of yet discovered exactly how Reiki works. There is no question, however, that this and other healing modalities like Reiki "work".

This data is compelling enough that Reiki is now offered in most major hospitals and healing centers around the globe, and has spurred interest in new research, studies and programs.

The American Cancer Society acknowledges that anecdotal patient reports say that Reiki speeds healing, increases their physical, mental, and spiritual well being and reduces the frequency and intensity of side effect symptoms from radiation and chemo therapy.

Surgeons are also utilizing the benefits of Reiki. Reiki calms and soothes the patient, and so they generally need less medication, tolerate medication better and recover from anesthesia faster.

In fact the largest and longest running Reiki program which is offered to all surgery patients is right here in New Hampshire at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital. Dartmouth Hitchcock, Wentworth Douglas, CMC, and The Elliot Hospital also have Reiki Programs. Reiki is gradually being introduced to other hospitals locally, and throughout the country.

It has regularly been noted that patients receiving Reiki leave the hospital earlier than those who do not.

Nurses, other health care providers and lay people from all avenues of life have been quietly utilizing the benefits of Reiki for years. In Japan, where the system of Reiki originated, it has been used consistently for nearly 100 years!

These advances are something all serious Reiki teachers and practitioners, such as Beth, have long been waiting for.They are grateful to all the dedicated individuals and groups who have made this possible and brought Reiki into the mainstream around the globe.